Case Studies

Here is a selection of our work conducted to achieve a specific program goal, as opposed to new knowledge creation. For some of these projects, there has been subsequent academic writing that you can see on the "academic papers" tab.

All of our case studies are viewable below either by scrolling, or filtering along the criteria of your choice. We have displayed the aggregate effects of our individual projects in the map below to give perspective on the distribution of our work along the behavioral decision-making process (columns) and intervention type (rows).

You can click on any individual cell to explore the interventions that fit that criteria.

Achive Choice / Defaults
Planning / Mindfulness
Urgency / Timing
Loss Frame
Salience / Simplicity
Disfluency / Tangibility
Prize-linked Savings / Microincentives
Credibility / Endorsements
Relative Rank / Personalized Norms
Herding / Broader Norms
Identity / Perception of Self
Case study results key:
Positive Effect
Neutral Effect
Negative Effect

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